Porcelaingres of Brandenburg produces collections of porcelain materials characterised by a timeless minimalism that suits any kind of architecture. Architecture is a living thing which transforms itself and its environment all the time. Conceptional approaches and practical solutions form the basis of this constant mutation. It is this fundamental principle which Porcelaingres follows in the development, presentation and marketing of our high-quality fine porcelain tiles.

Non-conformism, receptiveness to innovation and awareness of the big picture; for Porcelaingres these are the elements of successful creation. Because for Porcelaingres young, creative team the tile is not simply a building component – it is a design element for the individual conception of living spaces and lifestyles.

Ever on the look-out for new ideas, designs and technological opportunities, Porcelaingres works closely with architects and interior designers to develop functional and sustainable architectural solutions with an innovative look. Porcelaingres produces ceramic products for use as floor and wall coverings in the property sector. Its materials offer excellent versatility due to the various sizes, surfaces and structures and the high technical standards. They are suitable not only as classic wall and floor coverings, but also as design elements for setting visual accents or for applications which do not traditionally use tiles, such as work surfaces.

Porcelaingres fine porcelain consists of three natural basic materials which are combined with various additives to create the structure and surface, resilience, compactness and aesthetics of our fine porcelain tiles, and ensure an ecological product. Sustainability has always been a question of responsibility towards the environment and scarce resources.