ISO 10678:2010 - Testing of degradation of aqueous solutions of methylene blue on Calacatta Active 300x150 cm

The slab of porcelain grès Calacatta Active 300x150 cm appears to be a photocatalytic material in accordance with ISO 10678:2010. The specific photoactivity (ζMB %) is 0.041%.

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Nicotine degradation test on samples of Active

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ISO 27448-1:2008 - Self-cleaning test performed by means of contact angle measurement on Calacatta Active 300x150 cm

Calacatta Active 300x150 cm is a material with self-cleaning properties in accordance with ISO 27448-1:2008.
With regard to the data obtained during the test, after only 28 hours, the value of the contact angle drops of 28,70 degrees, to return then to the value, which originally had the material before the test. This fact proves that the oleic acid, applied onto its surface, had undergone photodegradation due to the photocatalytic efficiency of the Calacatta Active slabs.
The control (dark test) sample shows a contact value, which remains unchanged from the start to the end of the test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I read that Active tiles have self-cleaning properties. Could I avoid cleaning them if I used them in my house?

No. Self-cleaning means easier to clean so it is possible to use less aggressive detergents, or only water as well, for cleaning them, in that way you can save money and cause a lower environmental impact; indeed detergents are a source of water and air pollution because of they VOC (volatile organic compounds) release.

What does hydrophilicity means?

The term hydrophilic is usually referred to the ability of a material or a chemical species (such as molecules or particles) to interact with water. The term hydrophilic, in the widest sense, can also describe the ability of some materials to absorb and retain water on their surface or in their bulk.
When the titanium dioxide is exposed to light, it is able to attract and retain water (H2O).
By coating solid surfaces by titanium dioxide particles it is possible to confer them self-cleaning features, in fact the dirt hardly adhere on such hydrophilic surfaces. As a consequence the surface cleaning is easier ant the use of detergents (which are pollutant for the environment) is unnecessary

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