Fiat chooses Active ceramic tiles to offer both customers and staff the benefits of a beautiful and healthful material.

Mirafiori Motor Village floors were covered by using 4470 m2 of White 50 Active tiles and Silver Ground Active tiles (tiles dimensions: 75x75 and 60x60 cm).
Experimental tests were performed in laboratory in order to assess the ability of such materials to photodegrade nitrogen oxide pollutants – NOx is a reference polluting agent for the World Health Organization - It has been demonstrated that 4470 m2 of Active tiles, corresponding to the surface covered by Active materials in Mirafiori Motor Village, is able to degrade 8,5 Kg of nitrogen oxides in one year, supposing a daily exposition of the tiles to light for 8 hours. Such a degradation activity corresponds to the one performed by 80.000 m2 of green areas. (Source: Università di Milano - Chemistry department)

Active tiles were used for covering Mirafiori Motor Village floors. Such choice was made not only because Active tiles are very nice tiles, but also for guaranteeing a healthy environment to customers and employees. Active represents an advanced application/coating for porcelain stoneware, it is mainly based on photocatalytic micrometric titanium dioxide, which turns a simple tile into an advanced ceramic material, able to photodegrade the more common pollutants in air and to absorb odors. Moreover surfaces characterized by Active application are antibacterial and self-cleaning.

Active ceramic surfaces used:
White 50 Active / Silver Ground Active - Fiandre

Architectural Firm:
Fiat Partecipazioni


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