Reshaping the identity of working environment with the certainty that it can also be a healthier place.

The Cybernet Systems headquarters was designed to promote human well-being, according to the traditional Japanese architectural concept of flexibility, the spaces with ACTIVE SURFACES™ materials, make the building an eco-active work environment. The work areas, meeting rooms and relaxation spaces all share a single common denominator: minimalist design, extreme attention to detail, “Made in Italy” quality, but above all high-tech elements for a safer place.

The ACTIVE SURFACES™ photocatalytic ceramic slabs have proven antimicrobial, anti-pollution and self-cleaning effectiveness, while preventing bad odours. Recent tests have demonstrated that ACTIVE SURFACESTM are also effective against the SARS-CoV-2, eliminating 94% of the virus after just 4 hours of exposure to low-intensity UV light.

ACTIVE SURFACES™ ensure constant protection 24/7, through the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide, a special photo-active semiconductor material activated simply by light. Under the light, titanium dioxide triggers chemical reactions that turn pollutants into absolutely harmless molecules.

The principle that natural light fosters well-being and productivity in the work place is combined with the certainty that it can also make any environment healthier.

To demonstrate the superior effectiveness of ACTIVE SURFACESTM, the Chemistry Department of the University of Milan has estimated that around 440 m2 of Active ceramics can eliminate 0.6 kg of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) per year, equivalent to 400 m2 of green area. And in terms of effectiveness in fighting volatile organic compounds and bad odours, the action of ACTIVE SURFACESTM produces over 5,000 m3 of clean air every day.

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