Bazzano (AQ) ITALY

Bazzano Infants' School chose Active tiles for its outside walls to provide the children with a healthier, safer environment.

The Bazzano school walls were covered by using 2190 m2 of Active tiles (tiles dimensions 150x75 cm). NOx photodegradation activity of this tiles was experimentally evaluated in chemical laboratory - NOx is a reference polluting agent for the World Health Organization; it is an irritating for the respiratory system - Experimental results confirmed the anti-polluting efficacy of Active tiles used for covering the school walls.
It was estimated that Active tiles covering Bazzano school walls are able to degrade during a scholastic year, 4 Kg of nitrogen oxides, supposing 8 hours per day exposition to light.
Such photodegradation activity corresponds to the pollutant absorption activity of a green area of the size of 110 football fields.

The buildings of L’Aquila were heavily damaged by the earthquake in the city on 6 April 2009, and it will take years to repair them. In the meantime, urban agglomerates have been built in response to the inhabitants’ immediate requirements, but they are located in outlying areas with no services.
The Bazzano residential complex is the biggest such project, providing housing for the majority of the population awaiting repairs to their own homes.
To provide an essential service for the residents of Bazzano Fiat has promoted construction of a childcare centre containing an infants' crèche and a nursery school, referred to as "La scatola delle esperienze" (The box of experiences). The complex consists of five rectangular constructions built side by side, connected by a curved tunnel butting onto a larger multipurpose block.
The tunnel, built along the east/west axis, links the five blocks, three of which are the same size. The main façade of the buildings faces south, overlooking the large green area associated with the complex. The multipurpose module is the biggest of the five, a multi-use centre for children measuring more than 500 square metres (its plan measures 19x00 x 28x50 metres), with a maximum height at the extrados of the roof of 5.50. The medium-sized modules (a total of three) intended for the nursery school are rectangles measuring 14.50 x 10.00 with a maximum height of 4.30 metres.
The corridor/tunnel is an independent element differentiated from the rectangular buildings housing the various functions both formally (as it has a curved roof) and for its use of different covering and finishing materials from those used in the modules, such as the large glass surfaces facing south. The structure’s weight-bearing frame is made of steel.

Active ceramic surfaces used:
White Wave Active 150x75 - Fiandre


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