Living and working with health, accessibility and total comfort for better quality of life A home in which the concepts of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and home automation ensure all the comfort necessary for human health.

The initiative, sponsored by the Health Councillorship of the City of Milan, is intended to demonstrate how to support wellbeing in the city, an important factor in European economies and above all in cities that need to breathe. In view of Expo 2015, the city of Milan needs to reclaim urban spaces from “the concrete jungle”.
The message conveyed to citizens and visitors is that it is now perfectly feasible to build a home where people are physically and psychologically comfortable while participating in sustainable urban development.
At a crowded press conference in the Aula Magna of the city’s Natural History Museum, Milan’s Health Councillor Giampaolo Landi di Chiavenna described the reasons for the City’s support for the initiative, inspired by reflection on the problems of living today: the home is the space where we all seek wellbeing, refuge and protection.
The challenge of the home of the future is how to optimise comfort while reducing energy consumption.
The "House of Wellbeing" demonstrates the concrete possibility of living in a residential unit which is physically and psychologically healthy, safe, comfortable and accessible to all.

Giovanni Fumagalli, Managing Director of Fumagalli Edilizia Industrializzata Spa, illustrated the virtuous path that led his company to this project crowning its achievements in pursuit of ongoing development. The "House of Wellbeing" is intended to represent a further evolution of Fumagalli Edilizia Industrializzata’s exclusive "Housing System".

Mr. Bodega, the architect in charge of the project, based it on the image of a wrapper in which the walls of the home are like a forest, drawn on Fiandre’s anti-bacterial porcelain stoneware tiles: a home that blends into its natural surroundings both aesthetically and functionally.

GranitiFiandre Chairman and Iris Ceramica Managing Director Graziano Verdi told us why Fiandre and Iris Ceramica are the perfect partners for a project focusing on wellbeing and sustainability.

"Innovation is in our companies’ DNA. Working to make a better world is more than just a slogan for us: it’s a call that enterprises and people must respond to right away, without hesitation. Our references testify to our customers’ predilection for our focus on the environment, with LEED and ANAB certification, for example, testifying to our motto of “building nature’s way". Our materials are born out of nature: we use the raw materials that form natural marble and granite, but without consuming precious natural resources.
“And we don’t settle for safeguarding nature: we have also added new technological content to our superior technical porcelain stoneware tiles, creating Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, the material chosen for the House of Wellbeing, perfect for Mr. Bodega’s sustainable architectural design."

For two months (until July 4) citizens may visit "Indro Montanelli" Gardens via the Porta Venezia and Bastioni entrances and tour the new home free of charge.

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