Constant dedication to the goal of protecting the environment and human health has lead to the creation of ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, a great innovation launched by the Iris Ceramica and Fiandre Groups…

The Iris Ceramica Group, with the Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti trademarks, has always demonstrated its commitment to safeguarding the environment, as its many certifications demonstrate: ANAB, EMAS and LEED are only a few of the qualifications the company has earned over the years, in line with the green policy of NATURAL BUILDING that has characterised the company ever since it was first established. Iris Ceramica considers respect for nature - also meaning respect for humans – its primary economic and social value, and is working on implementing the vision with ever greater responsibility and energy in terms of research, innovation and concrete action.

The clearest expression of this commitment is ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, a patented productive process used to make ECO-ACTIVE ceramic tiles and surfaces with anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial properties. ACTIVE belongs to the new frontier of environmentally sustainable materials, or "living" materials that interact with their environment to reduce atmospheric pollution and eliminate some of the most hazardous types of bacteria for human health: an extraordinary revolution in the world of ceramic materials for floor and wall coverings.

Mario Tozzi, geologist, First Researcher at the CNR and one of Italy's most prominent representatives of the world of science, mentions ACTIVE in his advice for environmentally friendly living in an interview with Giuliana Zoppis published in DCasa, Repubblica’s living magazine:
"The basic idea behind this eco-active surface is sound. It is a virtuous example of sustainable production, a ceramic material which can considerably cut pollutants in our homes once and for all, for instance in metropolitan residential areas where there are a lot of toxic substances in the air (and where there have been a growing number of related deaths in recent years). The new Iris surface kills bacteria and cleans itself, cutting the amount of CO2 and other hazardous oxides in the air [...]".

The value of ACTIVE has been certified by specialised international research centres such as the TCNA and Centro Ceramico Bologna, and has been acknowledged by authoritative international experts like Mario Tozzi. ACTIVE’s success is above all a success for the environment and for human beings.

Read article (DCasa, May 22 2010)

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