Inside the “Casa del Ben-essere,” Italian for the “House of Wellness”, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, technology, home automation, security, ergonomics and stimulation of the senses contribute to developing the comfort level necessary for a person’s psychophysical health while fully respecting the environment, overcoming the wellness principle to achieve that of well-being…

The approximately 80-square-meter, one-level housing unit was designed with some of the more recent building innovations, first of all Active by Fiandre and Iris Ceramica. The ceramic and porcelain tiles, used for the slip road, the internal floor covering and the external wall covering, represent a great innovation and a new frontier for the eco-sustainability. The surfaces are, in fact, bio-active and perform a concrete antipollution and antibacterial function (beside being repulsive to dirt outdoors).

Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ is the exclusive, titanium-dioxide-based production process applied to the slabs at high temperatures. This process let the tiles actively interact with the environment purifying the air of pollutants and performing an antibacterial function, particularly important for the domestic rooms, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, where an high hygienic standard is needed in order to ensure wellness. According to the Arch. Paolo Bodega, designer of the project, "thanks to the characteristics of Active, building the “Casa del Ben-essere” is the equivalent of planting ten trees!".

This house becomes the nature icon also through its slabs textures: the internal walls are covered with TAXOS EXTREME by Fiandre with a distinct plant texture that makes the walls of the home similar to a forest, while the slip road and the indoors are covered with CRYSTALWOOD by Iris Ceramica, fossil wood floor tiles in ceramic.

Upon entering, one immediately notices how the "House of Wellness" adapts to the needs of its residents thanks to its dynamic structure. Here, the traditional rooms are replaced by "spaces", which can be easily arranged to meet the needs of its residents.
The wellness area is the heart of the home, around which other settings have been developed in a ring-shaped path without barriers, making it possible for individuals with ambulatory problems to use the space independently. Inside, the furniture, made with fireproof, eco-friendly materials, are painted with non-toxic, anallergic products; the fibers of the cloth used are also anallergic. Their design, free of sharp corners, ensures the utmost safety and the highest level of comfort.
In the kitchen, the furniture and equipment provided ensure healthy eating habits, also thanks to the presence of a mini-greenhouse located outside, where it is possible to grow vegetables, flowers, aromatic essences and officinals.

The natural colors and changing shades RGB lighting bring the benefits of chromotherapy, which along with fragrance dispensers and proper air-conditioning, are good for the respiratory system.
The ceramic indoor flooring, laid using Technokolla products, a company that has always been at the forefront in terms of attention and respect for the environment, also has an Active finish, creating an antibacterial and antipollution effect.
The purity of the air is also guaranteed by a controlled mecchanical ventilation system that provides the necessary exchange of air, keeping the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment under control. The floor and ceiling radiation system ensures an ideal temperature throughout the entire home and domestic hot water is generated by the solar heating system which ensures the utmost comfort and attention to the environment. The photovoltaic and wind energy systems also produce “clean” electricity.

In the “House of Wellness,” it is possible to control the alarm system, regulate the lights, activate the motorized curtains, control the amount of energy consumed and manage the sound system, thanks to fixed or mobile home management touch-screens.
In particular, the sophisticated home automation system, My Home BTicino, makes it possible to integrate all of the systems present within the home, making it simpler for the user to manage, program and control them, meeting the needs of the average resident as well as of those with special needs, improving the quality of live for the latter. This is because the reduced carbon dioxide emissions, lower than those produced by a single individual in a year, are eliminated by the ability of the external ceramic covering to absorb pollutants, just as trees do.

In accordance with A+ energy class standards, this house is designed to be energetically-autonomous, cutting consumption and reducing the amount CO2 released into the atmosphere. Its high-performance walls, roofing, window and door frames, and double-glazed windows guarantee proper heat and sound insulation. The house was built using industrialized construction technology with large panels of “Housing System” reinforced concrete, developed and perfected by Fumagalli Edilizia Industrializzata, which guarantees that the building is earthquake-proof and long-lasting.

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