ACTIVE-CERAMIC.COM JOINS ZERO IMPACT WEB is among the first to participate in the Lifegate project, promoting innovation and commitment for a better future. from LifeGate is the new project that allows all those who manage a site to reduce and offset the CO2 emissions generated by Internet navigation.

Perhaps we have never thought of the greenhouse gas emissions that come from the Internet, but although the web has allowed us to reduce our environmental impact by shortening distances and providing time-and-energy-saving tools such as e-mail, online shopping, and video conferencing, portals, websites and blogs rely on servers powered mainly by fossil fuel energy and thus generate CO2.

It is estimated that information technology is responsible for 2 percent of European CO2 emissions, with approximately 7 million data processing centers and 40 billion kWh consumed per year, enough energy to meet the needs of more than 13 million households.

A Greenpeace report from March 2010 that analyzes "cloud computing", that is to say the cloud of information technology available online, states that, if they continue to grow at their current rate, data centers and telecommunications networks will consume about 2,000 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in 2020, more than triple their current consumption.

The choice made by Lifegate becomes essential as it is an innovative project that makes it possible to do something concrete for the planet, using its website as a tool to increase awareness about the environment and global warming.

To join, simply visit and, based on the number of monthly pageviews of the site, select the square meters of forest needed to offset the CO2 emissions generated., a multilingual portal that informs, documents and reflects on the rapid changes in the international architectural scene, was among the first to join the initiative, demonstrating once again its careful attention to environmental issues, which it discusses on livegreenblog, its section dedicated to the issue of sustainability.

But ecology, respect for the environment and new materials for well-being are also key issues for companies like Fiandre and Iris Ceramica, which have, through research and innovation, perfected a new production process oriented towards materials whose active ingredient helps improve the quality of the environment., the portal that contains all the information regarding Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, is also among the first to participate in the Lifegate project, promoting innovation and commitment for a better future.

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