In the past few years Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ has participated successfully in a number of world-renowned scientific conventions focusing on advanced building materials, sustainable construction and environmental pollution.
Active is an advanced ceramic material which is not only aesthetically attractive but offers the unique feature of playing an active role in improving human quality of life on the basis of the latest scientific and technological discoveries.
The presence of micrometric titanium dioxide on their surface gives the new materials photocatalytic properties which transform ordinary ceramic into a material capable of degrading the majority of the polluting molecules present in the air we breathe, fighting bacteria and eliminating odours.

Active is an extraordinary innovation from the scientific point of view because, unlike other photocatalytic products on the market, it uses titanium dioxide in micrometric rather than nanometric form. Recent studies have demonstrated that the extremely small size of "nano-particles" allows them to penetrate our bodies through our skin and respiratory system, meaning that they could represent a threat to our health. And Active materials are also heat treated after application of titanium dioxide to stabilise their surface and ensure that the final material has the features normally associated with ceramic products.

The conventions we participated in and the fidelity of our partners and everyone who has chosen to use Active ceramic tiles in their projects have helped make the production method a reality in sustainable architecture and construction all over the world.

International congresses and events:


NICOM 4: 4th International Symposium on Nanotechnology in Construction, Agios Nikolaos (Greece)
Oral presentation: Micro-TiO2 As Starting Material For Stable Photocatalytic Tiles

The 2012 Int’l Conference on Advances in Materials Research (ICAMR’12), Seoul (Korea)
Oral presentation: Self-cleaning measurements on tiles manufactured with micro-sized photoactive TiO2

7th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis, Lyon (France)
Poster: Porcelain gres tiles with photocatalytic properties for a better environment


11th European Congress on Catalysis - EuropaCat-XI, Lyon (France)
Poster + oral presentation: Effect of the surface fluorination on both nano- and micro-sized TiO2 for the toluene photodegradation in gas phase

3eme Journées Européennes de la Photocatalyse (JEP 2013), Porto Roz (Slovenia)
Oral presentation: Pigmentary TiO2: a challenge in the world of photocatalysis

3eme Journées Européennes de la Photocatalyse (JEP 2013), Porto Roz (Slovenia)
Poster: EcoActive porcelain gres tiles: a new challenge for environmental sustainability

3rd European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes (EAAOP3), Almeria (Spain)
Oral presentation: A Challenge in the World of Photocatalysis: TiO2-based Materials for Pigmentary applications

Urban Environmental Pollution, Beijing (China)
Poster: EcoActive construction materials: an industrial challenge to fight air pollution


International Sustainable Built Environment Conference, Doha (Qatar)
Oral presentation: PhotoActive porcelain gres tiles for indoor air pollution remediation

International Sustainable Built Environment Conference, Doha ( Qatar)
Poster: Maxfine: great ideas for architecture

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Any and all product claims and descriptions contained on this website or in other sales or promotional materials regarding the Active Surfaces brand, including claims and descriptions of its public health benefits and antimicrobial or antibacterial effects, are not applicable in the US states and territories .

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