We conducted a simple but important test in our laboratories demonstrating Active’s photocatalytic properties for self-cleaning and degrading pollutants that come in contact with indoor and outdoor surfaces.

We took two samples of porcelain tiles which are identical except for one important difference: the first tile had been subjected to the Active treatment, while the second was made of ordinary ceramic without photocatalytic properties. We soiled both samples with red and blue dye and put them under a UV lamp for 45 minutes.

It was easy to see that in this amount of time the colour molecules on the Active ceramic tile had been completely broken down, and the tile subjected to application of titanium dioxide was perfectly clean, whereas the ceramic tile without Active still showed traces of the two dyes.

The test demonstrates that Active floor and wall covering materials are easy to keep clean without using aggressive detergents and cleaning products, which represent an additional source of pollution in our environment.

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