Active has achieved a new and important result in its continuing challenge to contribute actively and effectively to improve the quality of life.

Active has achieved a new and important result in its continuing challenge to contribute actively and effectively to improve the quality of life.

From now on Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ is able to eco-activate large-sized slabs using the digital application. This important step forward means improving the photocatalytic performance of ceramic slabs, certified in accordance with the ISO International Standards, ensuring greater efficiency in the degradation of air pollutants, odours and antibacterial action.

The technological progress of Active was developed through the Digitalife project funded by the European Union (LIFE ENV/IT/000140) which led to the production of new photoactive slabs with an even closer eye on the environment.

The new technology, developed by the Iris-Fiandre Group, still uses titanium dioxide in micrometric size, but ensures greater uniformity in the distribution of the photo-active material on the surface of the slabs, increasing the efficiency of the photocatalytic process at the base of Active.

Latest laboratory tests, conducted and documented by the University of Milan, Department of Chemistry, showed a marked increase in efficiency in the photocatalytic degradation of NOx and VOC in the air, responsible for outdoor and indoor pollution.

This is an important scientific and technological improvement, highlighting an increase in the tangible benefits of the final product.
The new Active technology does not alter the features of the porcelain tile in any way, allowing the application in conventional contexts as floors and walls, indoor and outdoor, as well as unusual fields such as furnishing.

The synergy between Active and the large-sized slabs combines the advantages of both technologies in a new, high-performing material, which, applied to external façades, helps to obtain general benefits for the building both indoor and outdoor. The new technology is used to create a self-cleaning ceramic surface which, above all on the wall, prevents changes in colour and helps to maintain the original appearance and brightness over time.

The implications in the world of architecture and design are countless.
The antibacterial, anti-polluting and anti-odour action of Active also makes the large-sized slabs even more effective in situations with particularly high requirements in terms of health and hygiene, such as clinics and hospitals, kindergartens and nursery schools, as well as spas or, more generally, to the places destined to accommodation and welfare.

The effectiveness of Active combined with the extraordinary size and lightness of porcelain tile slabs makes it ideal in rooms used for catering, where floors, walls and kitchen tops can be entirely made of a material that is really able to produce beneficial effects on the atmosphere and human health.

From today, the new Active technology can also be applied on request to all light coloured products branded Fiandre, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Iris Ceramica and Ariostea.

- Testing of degradation of NOx in air on Active 300x150 cm
- Testing of degradation of ethanol in air on Active 300x150 cm

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