FIANDRE and COLOURLIVING win the “Gold Award” at the A&D AWARD 2020 in Hong Kong thanks to ACTIVE SURFACES.

The famous Hong Kong award dedicated to interior and product design pays tribute to our eco-active surfaces.

ACTIVE SURFACESTM receives the prestigious "Gold Award" prize at the 2020 edition of A&D AWARDS, the most illustrious recognition in Hong Kong and dedicated to excellence in architecture and interior design in the Pacific area of ​​Asia and beyond.


The award, now in its 17th edition in 2020, has seen its prestige grow more and more over the years, gathering great credibility in China and Asia, equal to the most important competitions recognized in the Occident.


ACTIVE SURFACESTM wins the nomination in the Innovation & Technology / Living space category. To obtain this important recognition, the role of COLOURLIVING, FIANDRE Architectural Surfaces partner in Hong Kong, has been fundamental, which has entirely handled the candidacy of ACTIVE for this award.


An international panel of judges decided the winners after a double round of consultations. Thirty-four winners won the most important award: Gold Award. Nineteen and fifteen participants have been awarded respectively “Silver” and “Bronze. Most of the Gold Awards prized are for projects from China. From over 300 nominated projects, the winners were selected from a shortlist of ninety-four projects.


This important recognition is added to the ACTIVE SURFACESTM journey marked by important goals, and demonstrates how collaborating in synergy with excellent partners is always a winning strategy.




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