Thursday 14th October at 6pm the London Flagship Store of Iris Ceramica Group will host the event “Discovering Active Surfaces®”.

Thursday 14th October from 6pm to 9pm the London Flagship Store of Iris Ceramica Group will host the event “Discovering Active Surfaces®. The event will illustrate the technical characteristics of the Active Surfaces®, the ISO-certified photocatalytic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-odour and anti-pollution ceramic materials by Iris Ceramica Group.



5.30pm: Guests Welcoming

6pm: Interactive presentation by Claudia Bianchi, Prof. of Industrial Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Milan, and Q&A moment for participants

7.30pm: Tasting of Italian food and beverage prepared on the exposed kitchen top

9pm: End of the event


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DISCLAIMER: The Active Surface brand is not available for import, purchase or distribution in the United States of America and territories.
Any and all product claims and descriptions contained on this website or in other sales or promotional materials regarding the Active Surfaces brand, including claims and descriptions of its public health benefits and antimicrobial or antibacterial effects, are not applicable in the US states and territories .

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